Maria Emrik about her music:


”I have sung all my life and have recorded more than 30 albums during the years.

My heart has always been beating for jazz music and I feel like home when working on new jazz songs. Though I have recorded many cover songs I have found that writing my own songs and lyrics is a healing and almost spiritual process for me. It gives me a deep feeling of purpose and meaning.

I have often been asked why I don't do interviews, and I understand that it may be difficult to understand, but honestly I do not think it is important to listen to me

repeating my life story over and over again.

I believe that music is for the ears – not for the eyes!

Making my music available to everyone does not mean that I AM available to

everyone. This is the reason why I am not on social media.

I know it sounds controversial in todays music industry and I realize that having this point of view requires my listeners to be present and actually listen without spending time on indifferent background knowledge about me and my life. I do not want people to listen to my songs because of promotion and stories about ME as a person – but because they move, uplift or touch something.

And that should be enough.

I am also often asked why I don't give concerts, but as a matter of fact I was on the concert road for 20 years until I decided to dedicate my time and energy to writing and recording music. This gives me the opportunity to dive deep into details and practice and develop my voice.

For me concerts felt like “another day at the office”, repeating the same songs over

and over again.

I felt there was no room for creativity or experiments as the audience had some kind of expectation as to what the concert was supposed to be like.

For me music is not about business – it is about passion, love and creativity.

We need to stop being entertained by glitter, glamor, gossip and hunting down stars - and start opening our ears and hearts without watching, talking or reading at the same time. We need to concentrate, focus and be mindful about listening to music.

I think that music and art is very important for peoples wellbeing in this world and I believe that those who are supposed to hear me will find me regardless."

Maria Emrik ♥