Maria Emrik "Happy To Be Me" Gold CD 

I am SO proud and HAPPY to announce that my new album "Happy To Be Me" is now available on CD.

But of course not just ANY CD - oh no! I have worked with my crew on making a SPECIAL format for this - my FIRST - CD release. And I think the result is amazing 

What makes this CD special is for one the fact that there is no plastic cover. This CD is actually not a traditional CD at all :) 

You see, I wanted to make something different and in size something between a single and a good old vinyl record... But I found no possibilities for any other CD formats than the usual.. So my creative mind came up with the idea to print a book and place the CD inside :)

The result is a beautiful 18 pages hard cover book 21x21 cm / 8.26 x 8.26 in.

Together with my producer I have chosen to insert a 24 Karat Gold CD in my album book.

I will of course leave an autograph inside:)

MAM-A Gold CD's, are manufactured with Mitsui's patented phthalocyanine dye, providing the long life guaranteed from MAM-A, while also delivering a level of warmth in sound reproduction that is second to none.

More about Gold CD in general, the CD has a 24 karat Gold reflective layer that improves data/audio accuracy and greatly improves the longevity of data integrity. MAM-A Gold CD has a life expectancy beyond 300 years. Gold CD's are highly resistant to oxidation which has been determined to be the cause of data integrity, thus making MAM-A Gold CD the only choice for professionals.