... THAT

I have recorded more than 30 albums during the years?

Some of the albums have been mastered and this is an ongoing process with that many recordings :) Also most recordings are on reel tape as I really like the analogue big and thick sound, so the mastering requires real soft attention in the process of going from analogue to digital - I want to save as much of the old school sound as possible. 

I have released some of the mastered albums on different music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Itunes so it is possible for you to listen to them on your favorite music player.

My heart has always been beating for jazz music and I feel like home when working on new jazz songs. Though I have recorded many cover songs I have found that writing my own songs and lyrics is a healing and almost spiritual process for me. It gives me a deep feeling of purpose and meaning.

Love, Maria Emrik ♥

... THAT

the album "Swedish Mood" was the 3rd record I recorded, and it was also on master reel tape.

I have always loved Sweden and speak fluent Swedish, so I felt I HAD to record some of these amazing songs.

A funny detail about the song "Vem kan Segla Förutan Vind" is that the deep drum sound is actually me hitting on a big, red plastic bucket ... :) 

... THAT

I am totally crazy about SOAP BUBBLES - and therefor I simply had to make a song about them :) It is called "Trouble in a bubble".

I love them so much that I had to make 2 versions and you can find the longer version on my album "Dear Moon".

The short version is intended for radio use.

... THAT

the the song "Tumbling Down" is realeased as a single for radio stations, and it is a very fast tumultuous song with a crazy funny text.

The guitar player in this song really needed to move his fingers:)

... THAT

my album "Road To Heaven" is the first full album with self-composed songs and lyrics in colaboration with the talented Mr. J.B. Nelson.

In the following years I have had the pleasure to work with J.B. on several occations. 

... THAT

the song "Shadows in The Dark" was originally intented to be one of the tracks on the album "Road To Heaven", but for some reason we could not get it quite right... We even skipped it for the albums that followed - BUT finally we dusted it of and did a new version that is included in my album "Homeless Heart".

And I must say : I love it :)

... THAT

A dear old friend of mine was called "Tiger".

He was an elderly gentleman who absolutely loved "The Mamas and Papas", and escpecially their version of "Dream a little dream of me".

Unfortunately he passed away and therefor to honor this sweet man I recorded the song in his memory.

R.I.P dear Tiger.

... THAT

in 2014 I wrote a song called "Dear Moon".

During full moon I find it very difficult to sleep, and so I sat in the window in the middle of the night and had a little conversation with the big shiny ball in the sky.

The song is featured on my album called...: DEAR MOON :)

... THAT

The song "Put me in a frame".

Was recorded in 2010 in 8 different versions, it was originally released as a single in 2017 (version 1) for radio stations.

In 2020 the version 3 was released on the album "Blue Heaven"

... THAT

When I was 14 years old I did my very first JAZZ concert.

The opening song was the great classic "Misty".

Many years later I recorded this wonderful tune and you can find it on the "Don't Explain" album.

... THAT

I always get many roses and statements for this album, but one song in particular which is also the title of the record: "Gloomy Sunday".

The only instrument in my version is a Hammond organ and the atmosphere is quite magical. 

... THAT

Most people think that my song "Sweet Love" is about a man or lover of some kind. But in fact the song is about a horse.

... THAT

I took the cover photo for the single version of "I saw you the other day". 

The flower is an orchid placed in a window in my livingroom.

... THAT

This is an unplugged album. It is recorded on a Studer A-80 reel tape machine, with only a Hammond organ and me on vocal in one take.This record I really love, it has a unique analog bold thick sound.

... THAT

The song "The Night we called it a day ", was not intended for this album at all, but when I was in the studio to record the album, I heard this song everywhere in different versions, so I had to take it with me, it even became the name of the album.

... THAT

When I went to record this album we had a rehearsal warm-up song named "I Sing of sunshine", this song ended up on the album as an acoustic version as my team in the studio thought it was too cool and fun, I'm actually happy for that.

... THAT

When I went to record the classic song "Body and soul", the intion was that there should be a full orchestra crew, we tried many different setups in the studio, but it did not work out for us... eventually we surrendered, the song has spoked it only wanted me on song, together with a bass...

So what to do?

... THAT

When I was little I saw the animated video for Art Garfunkel's brilliant song "Bright Eyes" - and this wonderful song has stayed with me through the years. So of course I had to make my own version.

It was released as a single in 2016 :)

... THAT

The song "You've Changed" was my first song to be played on a rotation playlist in a Norwegian jazz radio. 

... THAT

The song "In A Glimpse" from my 2020 album "Blue Heaven" is about seeing ghosts or things that are not really there?

... THAT

the album "Black Coffee" was recorded in 2001 on master reel tape?

In 2014 all songs were mastered and realeased on various streaming services in 2015.