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Maria Emrik, born in Denmark.


For as long as I can remember, music has been the most important thing in my life.

Since I was a little girl I adored listening to all kinds

of music on my parent's record player.

I listened to everything from Beatles and Elvis to

opera and classical music.

But my all time favorites were the wonderful tones from the American jazz songbook, especially when performed by Ella Fitzgerald and Julie London.


At the age of 15 I became the lead singer in a well established jazz band.

These much older, grown men also showed me the beauty of Bossa Nova and convinced me of the fact that I – despite my young age – had a real jazz talent.


In the following years I sung in several musical constellations, and though I have been singing many different genres through the years, my heart has always felt that jazz is ”HOME”.


I really hope you like my new release it is 100% love!


All the best, Maria ♥


"I Saw You The Other Day" is written and composed by Maria Emrik and is one of the songs from my upcoming album.


Review of my song "Trouble In A Bubble":


So my Danish jazz vocalist friend Maria Emrik has got this new single #Troubleinabubble.

She sent me a copy for sneak listen. From the moment it starts spinning it comes with a roll away your clouds of worries...Her voice literally just glides/bounces over the words troubles, double, bubble and wobble with a jazzy-poetic-glee which lures the listener into singing along as she persuades cajoles her audience into singing along.The effect is a feel good relieve just singing worries and troubles...The only snag of the song is that it is short...just 2mins 46Secs and that too seems to serve a leave-it-on-replay-impact.

Trouble in a Bubble is that song that will get you whistling even in the mist of a stormy weather!

Maria Emrik brings a free therapy for all who can just sing along and leave the song on replay...


#jazzville Quest 93.1 FM Live4jazz Atsenuwa Omatseye

Review of "My Christmas" album, released 2017:


Maria Emrik has released a wonderful Christmas EP "My Christmas".

The EP contains three classic Christmas songs: “A Winter's Tale", “The Secret Of Christmas" and “Let It Snow."

Maria has also composed two new, fabulous Christmas songs of her own “Christmas Time" and “Winter Song." They mix really well with the three classic and I am totally in love with her song “Christmas Time" which has a glow of “Good old" days.

Maria was so kind to send me a sneak listen copy of the EP for me to review, and I must admit: that girl is something special! Her soft, airy, super warm voice simply blends perfectly with the Christmas spirit, and will leave you dreaming of cozy winter evenings cuddled up by the fire. I have always been a big fan of Maria Emrik and her beautiful jazzy vocal, and I am happy to recommend this Christmas album.


Dave O. Smith

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